Partnership: sablebadger – Wargame Terrain

sablebadger profile picture Brander “Sablebadger” Roullett is an accomplished 3D Designer that produces gaming terrain suitable for Gaslands, Star Wars Legion, Warhammer 40k, Frostgrave and other wargame systems.  He is also a board game designer, with successful kickstarters of the Dice of Crows and Dice of Pirate games.


Our Fun Board Games Etsy store and our storefront makes all of his models available for you to enjoy under an exclusive partnership agreement. Sablebadger  receives a good portion of the proceeds and puts it towards design and testing of even more amazing products.  If you have a 3D Printer, many of his designs are available for you to print freely for non-commercial purposes.  Other designs will be available shortly at a reasonable price.

Some of my favorite Sablebadger’s designs are:

One of my favorite features of Sablebadger’s designs is the versatility and customization options he builds into them.  Many of his models can be re-arranged or used in multiple ways to add variability to both the model and the game.The other thing I love about his models is the textures.  They make the game pieces look awesome just as they are, and with a very little dry brushing effort they come out amazing.

Sablebadger is currently working on OpenLock designs for Fantasy and Sci-Fi wargames.

Keep an eye on our storefront for more models produced by Sablebadger.

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