Partnership: Terrain4Print Wargaming Terrain

Terrain4Print makes great 3D Printable wargaming terrain designs.  Most of their designs are freely available through Thingiverse.  Best of all, they make the partnership for selling their printed designs easy and painless – and affordable as well, through their Patreon offering.  The partnership is not exclusive and you can obtain their models through a multitude of other sources.  However, we do believe you get the best value (quality/price) and shipping speed from us at our Fun Board Games Etsy storefront.

One thing I like about them is that they have playtested their designs. They care about printability and usability.  There are multiple ways to configure the models for variability. All of their models are extremely easy to paint and they have painting suggestions on Thingiverse.   I had very good success with priming, minor detailing and ink/washes.

We have been making many of their models available.  This has contributed to reaching our 100 Etsy items listed milestone. Some of my favorite models are:

Keep an eye on our storefront for more models produced by Terrain4Print.

If you have your own 3D Printer, go ahead and print their designs. Join their Patreon page if you can. Although the designer doesn’t live out of Patreon, every new contribuitor is validation that he is doing a good job and is motivation to do more models for all of us to enjoy.

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