Flames of War Calliope Tank Platoon (UBX34)

Just finished building and painting my Flames of War Calliope Tank Platoon (UBX34).  It was a bit tricky to build and you will be well served by watching a YouTube video on how to build it as well as an excellent review by fellow bloggers.  You only need two tanks to make a platoon – just as many as they come in the kit from Battlefront, but I built four of them just in case I want a few more.  Maximum platoon size is 5, but I think that would be overkill.

Calliope Tank Platoon (UBX34)
Calliope Tank Platoon (UBX34)

Calliope Tank Platoon In Flames of War

I find it a very interesting artillery asset in game terms.  For years, I have been debating the efficacy of bringing an artillery platoon with my American force.  Four 105mm guns (AT4 FP4+) clock at almost 200 points, while two Calliope tanks (AT2 FP5+) clock at about 80.  Unless you are bringing heavy artillery such as the 155mm (AT5 FP2+) or bringing a large amount of guns, the medium sized artillery (such as the 105mm) doesn’t destroy many teams.  It is way more effective at pinning down infantry and guns from delivering them hits.

I think the Calliope tanks can achieve this purpose.  On their first bombardment they count as 4 guns each tank – meaning that 2 tanks deliver a wide template and hopefully hit a few things to pin down a platoon or two.  With any luck, they pass their skill checks to reload next turn – but they already forced the opponent to deploy sparsely.  Having a full Sherman hull gives them a better chance at survival than the Priests – although we lose the numbers the Priests provide.

I will let you know how they work on the next game I use them.

I built them using my typical Sherman fast painting technique.

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