Carnage 2015 Gaming Convention :: Flames of War :: Tankovy

Flames of War Soviet Tanks
Flames of War Soviet Tanks

Tomorrow I am going to the Flames of War tournament at Canage Con 2015 Gaming Convention.  The convention is on the Killington, VT ski resort (except it is typically too early to ski).  Great gaming convention overall, but my main interest right now is Flames of War, and that is precisely what I will be doing.

For a long time I have wanted a massive tank horde in the way of a Soviet Tankovy Company.  I had acquired a few models in a Bartertown trade long ago, so I decided it was time to embark in a two week project to produce a playable list.  I do not think it will be easy to win with it (being Conscript that is), but it will be fun to try a newly painted army.20151106-DSC_5250

I took 21 T-34 tanks plus rockets and ZIS-3 anti tank guns for a 1710 points Mid War list.

I think the photos below show that the company didn’t came up that bad, given how quickly it was built.  Now I need to start planning a Late War that builds upon it and is a bit more competitive.  As part of the painting effort I also painted some IS-2 tanks that I had around, giving me a couple more options.  I think I need to add a lot of boots on the ground – at 22-25 stands per soviet platoon that could be a project of itself.  I may also need some recce to lift gone to ground and stronger tanks.  Good thing that the 21 tanks have the T-34 and the 85 turrets to give them a stronger punch.

20151106-DSC_5230.jpg 20151106-DSC_5232.jpg 20151106-DSC_5234.jpg 20151106-DSC_5237.jpg 20151106-DSC_5238.jpg 20151106-DSC_5243.jpg 20151106-DSC_5244.jpg