Preparation for Flames of War Tournament :: CT Valley Gamers :: September 27 2014

In Preparation for Flames of War Tournament by the CT Valley Gamers on September 27th 2014, I have been painting a (hopefully) better Mid War List.  I found that my mid-war American list was sufficient to compete in local events, but not enough to face the players at US Nationals Historicon 2014.

Event Name Operation Avalanche :: Flames of War Tournament
Location: The Battle Standard, Manchester, CT
Date: September 27  2014
What: Flames of War Tournament, 1500 points, Mid War
My Kind of Army: American Armored Rifle Company – North Africa Book

When I started playing Flames of War, I started with Tanks. They are probably the easiest models to start with. Fairly well protected, and if you do not expose them to the big cats they are very effective. They are also easy to paint (although practice makes them look even better). Where I faced some issues was with dug in infantry. Once infantry dugs in to an objective, it takes a while to get them out of there – and more often than not it requires an assault that may expose your expensive tanks. Artillery and recon helps a lot — and I tend to bring one of each to every engagement now.  I will also bring them this time.

Although I tend to bring an infantry platoon it has always been an after-though – a weak foot soldier one that tends to arrive too late and too little. To fix that, I decided I needed to jump feet first into infantry by trying a mostly infantry list. This time I am bringing an Armored Rifle Company.

I recently bought some a couple of Flames of War Armored Rifle Platoon – Plastic Kits.  You can see more about how easy they are to get ready for a game on a previous article.  These are coming with me to Connecticut at the end of the week and will be the main driving force.  I think this will be a good learning experience, even if I do not perform as well as I did last time with my experienced force (2nd place, Phil got 1st).

I am trying to do the opposite of what I normally do.  Start with infantry.  I have limited myself to a very small platoon of 3x M3 Lee modeled with the long gun (same as a Sherman, less front armor, with the flexibility of the small gun).  This will be a smaller than I want platoon, mainly motivated due to the lack of availability of the models in my gaming store.  I expect that next time I bring an american force to a mid-war fight I will bring a platoon of 4 or 5.  I noticed that these performed very well at Historicon 2014.

Hopefully the lack of tanks will be compensated with four M10’s.  At Mid War a front armor of 4 is low, but could be worse.  They may survive a couple more shots than they do at Late War and may double duty as full tanks in some situations (rather than the carefully planned and placed one shot barrage of heavy AT shots).

Some pictures of the new models for this force below.

The new M3 Lee Tanks

20140921-DSC_4118.jpg 20140921-DSC_4119.jpg

The force itself