Flames of War Armored Rifle Platoon – US (UBX41) (Plastic Kit)

I bought a couple of Flames of War Armored Rifle Platoon – Plastic Kits.  These new Flames of War Armored Rifle Platoon (US) kits are awesome.  The vehicles assemble beautifully with almost no flashing to remove.  The good thing about the plastic kit is that the fit is perfect all the time.  The assembly instructions provided on the Flames of War website are awesome!

As for the infantry figures, I like that they are a bit thinner – more real – less cartoonish than the  metal ones.

The only drawbacks are the machine guns and rifles – they tend to break easier when made of plastic.  Fortunately it brings extra spare machine guns – not so for the rifles.  The kit should have included a couple more riflemen.

I may be picking a couple more of these kits later and selling any excess on ebay.  The Half-Tracks alone are worth it (vs purchasing the ones that come in blister packs).  I now have enough halftracks for the two main Armored Rifle platoons in my fighting force, but I feel tempted to buy more of these kits so that I can make the half-tacks on the artillery, machine gun, recon, tank destroyer and command team platoons.

Some photos of the finished work.

Half Tracks

Foot Soldiers (with optional 37mm guns I just painted as well).  The foot soldiers closer to the camera are the legacy metal ones, the ones farther away are plastic.  I think they blend well from a gaming table distance.

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