Carnage 2014 Preparation :: Early War Tournament :: Japanese models

I do plan to go to Carnage 2014 (Killington, VT – Nov 7-9) this year, even if it is for only one day. There is a Flames of War early war tournament announced since last year, and I have been preparing for it.  I intentionally participated on the Temple Con 2014 tournament to get a taste for what Early War is – a lot less permissive than late war.  The models I used in that tournament are on the preparation article – a lot of infantry and tanks. I did discovered that tanks are a bit fragile, and I intend to try a force with little or no tanks this time.  Lets see how it goes.

This year I am bringing most of the models I had last time, plus the ones I just finished and pictures below.  Wish me luck.  Carnage 2013 was good for me – I believe I shared 2nd place with the tournament organizer for this year.

Tournament Info

Where:  Killington, VT
When: Saturday 8th Novemember, 2014
Time Period:
Early War
Points: 1525
Time Limit per Rounds: 2 Hours
Players: Open
Prize support: 500.00 dollars in random-draw prizes in the form of Gift Certificates to the Warstore. We will select the amount of the draw.
Contact TO:

Hohei Platoon with Banners


I already have two platoons, and I do not think I will downgrade my force to Trained just to add another platoon, but I had the minis, and I wanted to finis them.  I was already painting the arty below, so might as well finish them and move them from waste lead (or pewter) to  valuable (sellable, if needed, assets – painted figs).

Hohei Battalion Gun Platoon – Type 92 70mm gun


Short range, AT gun that can bombard/pin infantry if it must – in preparation for a possible Banzai Charge (assault).

Heavy Field Artillery – Type 96 150mm howitzer (With Extra 105mm Cannons, magnetized)


Super heavy hitting artillery.  Maybe a bit overkill and overpriced.  Hopefully over-feared.  I am still not sure about it.  It may not be that useful at night anyway, and it is Trained, which means it doesn’t hit that easily.  Still, if it hits it has a good chance of a kill, and it could be a good preparation for the Banzai Charge (assault) of the Hohei platoons.

I intentionally painted both sets of cannon included in the blister pack (105mm and 150mm), just in case i use them in a later event under the alternate configuration.  I hope they eventually release a Flames of War Pacific line and we get to play US vs. Japanese on Mid or Late war.  Maybe the 105mm variant will be a bit more frugal on the points.

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