Historicon 2014 Painting Efforts

I went to the Historicon 2014 convention from the Historical Wargaming Society.  It was a fun trip.  Very good friends from the Black Moon store in Lebanon, NH picked me up on the way south – making the trip easier and much more enjoyable.  It was a Mid-War 1485 point event – something I am not used to playing.  The convention was my first Mid-War experience, and I have never played with such a low pointage.  I may tell you more about the list used and how it performed on a different posting.  For now, lets showcase the models I quickly painted to be able to participate in this event.

M10 Tank Destroyers

Flames of War M10 Tank Destroyers
Figured out my M36 90mm ones wouldn’t work out in Mid-War. Good thing is these ”M10″’s will also work for me in Late War.

M4 Shermans

Flames of War Shermans
I painted the Sherman platoon.  Basic M4.  They tend to be the workhorse of my American Tank Companies in Late war, and I intend to use them many times.  They are replacing some old tanks I got out of eBay long time ago.  I wanted to have the tanks in matching color scheme with the rest of the army rather than the other ones I was using that, although well painted, just looked different from the tanks accompanying them.  That Cole Jackson model also looks cool and will become my Company Commander in Late War.

The Warriors

Major General Ernest N Harmon in Jeep and Staff Sergeant Cole (Reb) Jackson
I fielded two warriors that I painted last minute, namely Major General Ernest N Harmon in Jeep and Staff Sergeant Cole (Reb) Jackson. Neither served their purpose too well and I would gladly had enjoyed an extra stuart instead of them. Said that, you are limited to the models you have when building a list – and I din’t felt like painting too many more models.

Flames of War Stuarts

Some old Stuarts that I had around. They served better than I was expecting. Way better than the Shermans.  I did not painted them for Historicon 2014, but I took pictures of them and I wanted to put them here.