July 12th CT Valley Gamers Tournament Painting Efforts

The CT Valley Gamers (Chris and Michael in particular) were kind enough to invite me to a late war tournament to help Phil with the travel costs to the ETC competitions in Serbia.  Entrance fees were used to pay the hotel.  But the local store (Time Machine) was kind enough to offer prize support, and Phil offered prize support (models he wasn’t using, but that I found very good indeed). It is always good to know you are helping a local player represent your gaming area in one of the most prestigious international competitions – and he and his team got 3rd place on it.

Chris organized this tournament.  Phil (as expected) got 1st place, and I got 2nd.  I felt great to be able to compete in the same league as such a great player – even when I didn’t got to play him this time (maybe that is why I got 2nd).  Got a pack of M18 and some 101th Airborne models I intend to build in the future.

In preparation for the tournament I painted a few models:

Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams (UBX32)

Lt. Col. Creighton Abrams (UBX32)
I already had Abrams in the models supplied by Battlefront. Those are too expensive (pointwise) to field, and my friend Alex suggested to field Abrams in a plain vanilla Sherman tank. That did made the list work very well and still get the excellent benefits it provides: spearhead and stormtrooper move. The new model is the one on the right.


American Jeeps
I needed jeeps for my recon. I was using some that I got from eBay some time ago. Time to get some newer ones that matched the paint scheme.  It didn’t hurt to paint some M8 vehicles for a Cavalry Recon platoon, just in case I need it some time in the future.