Laser Cut Prizes for Huzzah 2013 – Laser Cutting Coin Shaped Items

Adam, from the Fencing Frog blog hosted a game at the 2013 Huzzah (Maine, USA) wargaming convention. I had shared with him Flames Of War Markers before, and he asked me if I could make some Challenge Coins for him using the laser cutter / engraver.   Check the convention out.  We are about to have the 2014 Huzzah wargaming convention soon – in May.  There is a special challenge when engraving these items –  laser cutting coin shaped Items requires perfect alignment if you want them to be double sided.


Tips for Laser Cutting Coin Shaped Items

Designing the two faces of the coin is not the problem. The real problem is to make sure the material is perfectly aligned when you flip it over to cut the other side.  The trick to doing this is to cut the coin (the outer circle) while doing the first face and to leave most of the material in place on the laser cutter bed.  Don’t move the material sheet – use a think screwdriver to flip the cut circle to the other side, using the material sheet as a template to make sure it is perfectly positioned.  As with any other laser cutter project, it pays to cut several at the same time. Needless to say, your two face drawings have to be positioned with the exact same geometry.  Takes a couple of runs to get used to it, but once you do, it runs fairly smoothly.

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