Japanese Flames of War Counters

I recently painted a Japanese Flames of War 7th Hohei Chutai Company for Templecon.  I found myself in need of Japanese Flames of War Counters so I had to create some.  Being in a hurry I made them in wood.  They were welcomed by other Japanese players, so I decided to try them in acrylic as well.  See how they came out below.


How do I get Them?

At this point I have no intention to produce them for sale. I mostly intended the Japanese Flames Of War Counters file (Corel, Adobe Illustrator and PDF) to be freely available.   If you create similar ones, you can highlight the lettering as described on a previous article. You can use the files to cut on your own laser cutter device or you can use the services of Shapeways or Ponoko or many of the other laser cutting and 3D printing shops online.  However, I am always looking for creative stuff.  I would be happy to trade a set with you in exchange for something of creative value:  maybe a piece of terrain that you make, or some hand painted minis.

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