Finishing Wargame Acrylic Templates and Counters

Normally, I do two kinds of markings on the Wargame Acrylic Templates and Counters that I prepare:  laser etching and laser engraving.  The etching comes up in an opaque way that I do not believe needs to be highlighted – I normally use it for designs, logos, flags, etc.  I use engraving for lettering and words: those things that need to be easy to read from a distance.

I highlight the engravings with white color for ease of reading from several feet away.  I have found two very effective ways of doing it:

  1. White Crayons – Many of us learned this technique on the old red D&D box dice set.  You just paint with the crayon over the engraving, and the wax will fill in the groves that form the lettering.  Then you wipe out with your finger or a damp cloth.  I like this one the most, but sometimes I can’t find a white crayon.
  2. White Acrylic Paint – I am referring to the cheap, watery one.  You may want to use an acrylic retarder or just water down the paint if you are using some of the fast-drying, super-dense Vallejo ones. Paint over the engraving and wipe with your fingers or a damp cloth as above.  Take care to wipe the excess OUT of the counter to avoid leaving white residue in the etching (unless you want to whiten the etching as well).  Also, when working with very large pieces, work on small portions of it at a time.  The acrylic paint dries in a couple of minutes, and you do not want it to set permanently without removing the excess first.

Hope this helps you.  Let me know if you have a better technique.  Some pictures of the process below.  Remember to peel back the protective backing of the acrylic counter.




Remember to peel back the protective backing of the acrylic counter.