Sudbury Board Game Summary – Tuesday June 2nd 2013

Thanks AdamAsherChris C.,RandyChris B.Ura and Ken for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday July 2nd 2013.

We played a few fun games in two tables.
Table 1:

  • Myrmes – A game I want to play and haven’t got the chance yet. Well recommended by both Chris C. and Ura. But most importantly, I bet it will remind me of an AI programming competition I participated back during my college days where the goal was to build the best ant-related game AI engine (that won against the opponents).
  • Ginkgopolis – I want to try it. The Science Fiction / City Building / Area Control strategy certainly entices me. From a distance, the game components looked a bit abstract to me – maybe I need to play it to understand it. The card management feature almost sounds like a 7 Wonders situation where you do not know if it is best to play something or to prevent someone from playing (but that is just my guess from the brief look at the BGG record).
  • Hanabi – It is both a good filler (as in fast) and a good cooperative game. You take turns at helping each other or placing cards from your hand on the table in the correct order. The caveat is that you can’t look at your hand – everybody else does and they give you tips regarding the number or colors of the cards (but not both). I think it is a game worth of bringing to a convention for in-between sessions.

Table 2:

  • Puerto Rico – Adam won it using the build-the-big-buildings strategy. Overall it was a good, heavily contested game, where the idea of building a good economic engine first was more important than ever. Next time we have to play it with the expansions. And as I always have to remind people – there is no Indigo in Puerto Rico – buy it used to be one of Mexico’s main export products.
  • Guillotine – A quick, limited duration card game where the objective is to dispose of high ranking nobles during the French Revolution while preventing your friends from disposing doing so. This is another great filler game to bring to a convention.
  • Nightfall – I am no Deck / Pool Building builder – I get the idea of what has to be done, it is just that I haven’t developed the skill on how to do it well. And this game really complicated it by depending on the specific card types your opponents played – and that part made it really interesting and impressive. I have to try it again, I need to be good at deck building games some day.
  • Dominion – Just to come back to an easier to understand Deck / Pool Building game we did a round of Dominion. Most people have it (from the currently unplayed copy I have to the custom made all-expansion box Chris did). I fared a lot better this round – but then again I have tried this game over and over trying to get good at it – and still can’t compete with the average Deck Building gamer.

Thanks again everyone for stopping by.

Next gaming session at my place is Tuesday July 30th, 2013 @7pm. (We will skip one session at my home due to a vacation week I am taking.)

I plan to be this coming Tuesday 9th at Rail Trail Tuesday games – details below.

Keep in mind the nearby game options:

  • Monday night games at Hudson Roast Beef – Hudson, MA – ask Ann for details or check out their Meetup page (search for Hopkinton Board Games)
  • Randy is hosting Tuesday night game for the weeks in between the ones we host in Sudbury at the Rail Trail Flatbread restaurant in Hudson, MA. Next gaming session is Tuesday June 9th @7pm.
  • Matt hosts his weekly Thursday night FRAGS games (In Framingham, MA @ 7:30pm).

Pictures from the games we played:

No pictures this time – but I think Randy took a few photos.