Sudbury Board Games Group :: Tuesday June 18, 2013

Thanks Chris C.,RandyJason and Adam for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday June 18th 2013. It was great to be playing again after the baby induced gaming hiatus.

We started the night by playing a quick game of Gloom, the dark themed game where you try to make your family members miserable before they meet their final demise (you must either be in a dark mood or just looking for a filler game while people arrive – I am sure the later is what happens). Overall I think that the game is a well designed filler that non-gamers can learn quickly (and that is why I carry it to family and friends’ events where I am not sure of the gaming intensity of the participants), but don’t expect a deep strategy to it.

We then proceeded to the feature game of the night, the recently released Viticulture Worker Placement game that was recently shipped from a Kickstarter effort. Fortunately, Chris C. brought the copy he just received. I must say that I was positively impressed with the game and enjoyed it a lot. It reminded me a bit about another favorite of mine – The Manhattan Project because you need to fulfill some special orders. The game surprised me so much that I had to order it today, and since I needed to fill up the order to qualify for the free shipping I had to order two other of my favorite games from Ura‘s gaming group that I was missing in my small collection, but that can be good candidates to try in future gaming sessions: Stone Age andAirlines Europe.

Next gaming session at my place is Tuesday July 2nd, 2013 @7pm.

Keep in mind the nearby game options:
* Monday night games at Hudson Roast Beef – Hudson, MA – ask Ann for details or check out their Meetup page (search for Hopkinton Board Games).
Randy is hosting Tuesday night game for the weeks in between the ones we host in Sudbury at the Rail Trail Flatbread restaurant in Hudson, MA. Next gaming session is Tuesday June 30th @7pm.
Matt hosts his weekly Thursday night FRAGS games (In Framingham, MA @ 7:30pm).

Pictures from the games we played: