Sudbury Board Games Group :: Tuesday April 23, 2013

Thanks David, Adam, Frank, Chris C.John L.Randy, and Welch for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday April 23th 2013.

We started the night by playing two concurrent games of Love Letter. I think everyone should try that card game. It is simple to explain (you just have to go over a simple card sized set of instructions), and after a couple of rounds everyone gets the idea of how the game works. I think it is one of those games you should keep a copy of when traveling – great filler that will probably please gamers and non-gamers alike.

Then we split into two tables:
* Adam, David and Frank played Survive: Escape from Atlantis! first – one of my childhood favorite classics that has been recently reprinted now. Your objective is to save your meeples from a volcano explosion while making sure your opponent meeples don’t reach shore. It is simple to explain, with a lot of cutthroat fun. The other game that this table played was Sentinels of the Multiverse – but I must confess I was so into the game on the next table that I completely lost track of how the game was.
* Chris, John, Randy, Welch, and Jose played an Epic game of Eclipse. This Exploration / Civilization Building game came out fairly recently (2011), and quickly rose to #5 board game in (as of this writing). It will probably become a classic, especially now that several other games are copying the style and mechanic into their own tribute creations. Hopefully I explained the rules well enough, as most of us were learning the game. The game was tense, and ended with the top three scores in a very close range (33, 32, 31). This is my kind of game (The crunchier type – and the ones that are or are about to become a classic.) All in all, I was glad I did punched this game out of a new box just before everyone arrived. I wasn’t expecting to be able to play it, but given that both Adam and Randy had expressed interest into it last time I wanted to keep it ready. I think I will have to find a way to organize those upgrades better than just throwing them on a bag.

Will have to skip the games for the next couple of sessions while we have our baby here – don’t want to have to interrupt a game session because we have to run to the hospital. But we should be back to gaming very soon.

I do encourage everyone to find time to meet and play a game at a different location / dates / times. Invite me if you can (I may need to escape from parenting for a couple of hours).

Said that, there are plenty of game options to keep everyone happy in the mean time:
* Monday night games at Hudson Roast Beef – Hudson, MA – ask Ann for details or check out their Meetup page (search for Hopkinton Board Games).
Randy may be able to schedule a Tuesday night game for the weeks in between the ones we host in Sudbury in a Hudson / Marlborough location.
Matt hosts his weekly Thursday night FRAGS games (In Framingham, MA @ 7:30pm).

Pictures from the games we played:


Love Letter: