Sudbury Board Games Group :: Tuesday April 9th, 2013

Thanks Ann, Adam, Armando, Frank, Randy, Rob and Welch for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday April 9th 2013.

We played on 2 tables:

  • Ann, Armando, Frank and Welch played Archipelago – a game that seemed to be really interesting from the conversations we overheard on the other table. They looked like they were having fun with their Auction/Bidding actions in a game of NauticalExploration and Civilization building that falls right into the kind of game I do enjoy playing. Reminded me of Eclipse but on a 1492 setting (I could be wrong).
  • Adam, Randy, Rob and I started the night with a game of The Manhattan Project – a worker placement game where you race to build bombs in a 1945 setting – no worries: no meeples are harmed in this process. The game ended as I have observed before – with most players capable of winning in one more round. We followed that with a game of Kittens in a Blender – a game theme that doesn’t particularly interests me, but an interesting mechanic for a quick filler game that I would happily play again. Think Guillotine, but faster – more appropriate while waiting for another table to finish their game. Archipelago took more than we thought, so we followed it with another, slightly lengthier game of Puzzle Strike – a Deck / Pool Building game that reminds me of Dominion, but using poker-style chips instead of cards. It also has some kind of attack mechanism, and it doesn’t really calculate points – you are looking to have the smaller amount of damage/gems – making the game’s end a bit tricky. We capped the night with a 3 person game of Small World where we found out that Amazons, combined with Stout leaves enough declined critters on the table, plus an extra “free” turn to make a difference in scoring.

It was a very fun night and a very wide variety of games.

Feel free to join us on our next gaming night on Tuesday April 23rd 2013.

Will probably need to play-by-ear the scheduling of game nights during May / June as I am not sure when our daughter may be born and how stable my household will be during the exciting times that a new child brings. Will try to keep interruptions to a minimum. If anyone feels like volunteering to host a game night, feel free to do so.

Said that, there are plenty of game options to keep everyone happy in the mean time:

  • Monday night games at Hudson Roast Beef – Hudson, MA – ask Ann for details or check out their Meetup page (search for Hopkinton Board Games).
  • Randy may be able to schedule a Tuesday night game for the weeks in between the ones we host in Sudbury in a Hudson / Marlborough location.
  • Matt hosts his weekly Thursday night FRAGS games (In Framingham, MA @ 7:30pm).

Pictures from the games we played:

Manhattan Project:


Puzzle Strike: