Sudbury Board Games Group :: Tuesday March 26, 2013

Thanks David, Rob, Adam, RandyJasonChris C.UraWelch and his buddy for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday March 26th 2013.

We played on 2 tables, 2 games each.

  • The night started with the Gloria Mundi Political Strategy game that seemed to be enjoyed by the gamers judging by the expressions overheard at the next table. It was followed by a game of Race for the Galaxy – one that I would like to play again some day, even if to refresh my mind on the mechanics. Something tells me it will replace Core Worlds in my game collection if I learn to play it well.
  • Notre Dame a game that looks like a Worker Placement game but I think has a bit of Point to Point Movement that can be unfairly exploited by the lucky person. We followed it with a game of Lords of Waterdeep – I think this one is very appropriate for introducing new gamers to Worker Placement games (although none of the guys at the table were new to the idea), and it serves as a quick and refreshing game if unsure about available time to play. The theme is optional – for as much as I like D&D and Forgotten Realms, when I play this game I completely ignore the theme and play by the colors. I think I will bring this one next Saturday depending on the crowd.

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