Wargame Laser Cut Terrain :: Row House

Row of 5 Laser Cut Row Houses
I continue making Wargame Laser Cut Terrain, this time Row Houses (designed to be placed in a city block, one next to the other, with doors and windows to the front and back but not to the sides.

I made some improvements over the Colonial House model I did earlier (click for plans). Some of them listed below:

  • 2 Full Bases – Made it wider and reduced the length   That made it more suitable for a row house and to have a medium base converting each the front and the back.
  • Less Material.  The roof had to be made closer to the structure in order to make it possible to put a few of them in a row.  I removed the roof base and this allowed us to use less material.  Using less material is great as it minimizes the time the laser is hot (laser unit lasts longer, and you get more houses made in less time).

What is next?  I want to work on two things:

  • Netherlands Type Houses – I fell in love with the KLM houses when I traveled with them.  I still have a lot of them stored somewhere (or did I gave them to my mom like I said I would?).  I want to create several models like those, where I only need to change the front and the back. Then I can make each style unique for each tournament where I participate.
  • Different wall textures.  Maybe plain plaster with exposed brick – it probably takes less time to burn a simpler patter, and it may even be easier to paint.

Houses are not for sale (but I will cut you one in trade for something interesting).   I normally give my tournament opponents some token gift (lately, laser cut things).  I plan to give these out this tomorrow at The Whiz tournament.

Check out other Wargame Laser Cut Terrain published in this site and let me know what you think.  Feel free to download a copy of the files used to cut this house and cut one for yourself.  If you improve on it, please share the improvements with me – I may want to cut a copy.

Downloads:  Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Acrobat and Corel Draw.


Some more pictures below.

Row of 5 Laser Cut Row Houses

Demonstration on how to use the laser cut house, with two levels and space for two bases (four in total).