Sudbury Board Games Group :: February 26th, 2013

We met again to play board games with our Sudbury Board Games Group February 26th 2013.  We have been doing this every couple of weeks and so far it has been very fun.  I am hoping friendship can continue forming among the people who stop by.  I have surely enjoyed playing and talking to them and it is always nice to meet and get to know people with similar interests with whom you can spend a good time.

Thanks Randy, Jason, John, Chris C., Welch and Chris K. for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday Feb 26th 2013.

We played on 2 tables, 2 games each.

  • Chris C., Jason and Randy played the newly re-released Tammany Hall that both Jason and Chris C. got from a Kickstarter this week. It is wonderful to see that a good game was brought to a wider audience thanks to crowd-funding  Then they played Tzolk’in: The Mayan Calendar, a well designed Worker Placement game, with very curious gear mechanism to handle a game length/time and ability to place workers with the constant risk of time moving too fast, as controlled by the starting player. I played it at BGG.CON and Unity and I enjoyed it.
  • Chris K., John, Welch and Jose played The Castles of Burgundy. Chris and John had the chance to try it out a few days earlier and that helped us catch up in learning the game. Now I understand why so many people were recommending it. A very cleverly designed Set Collection collection game that can easily surprise you if you do not pay attention to the special tiles. After finishing that, Adriana joined us in a by a quick game of King of Tokyo.
The next game nights scheduled are:
  • Tuesday March 12th, 2012
  • Tuesday March 26th 2012 – Just after PaxEast

See you at the next regularly scheduled game night March 12 or at any other gaming event that we can find ourselves in between now and then.

Until then, we can continue the conversation in the board that Welch set up for us at Board Game Geek.