Wargame Laser Cut Terrain :: Stone Bridge

This is my second piece of Wargame Laser Cut Terrain – a Bridge that can be used in both 28mm and 15mm wargames. My first Wargame Laser Cut Terrain was a Colonial house that you can see and download the blueprints from this website.

I set myself some requirements:

  • scalable – should be easy to build longer or wider (different scales or river widths) with ease.
  • easy to build – should be easy to understand how to build it without instructions.
  • climb and climb down on its own – without the need of further terrain. In other words, climb from the terrain ground to the other side. (That is why the three panels)

Challenges to solve (will update them on the next version):

  • 3 Panel Lengths and Angles – Could use some more work on the slanted panel sizes and angles to make them fit better, with the smallest possible gap or separation.
  • Print the Outer Face without the tabs – that way the face loos better and still the inner bridge wall faces will accept the panels.
  • reduce material use to be able to cut in one pass.

If you are building one, note the double bridge wall on each side. That saves you from aligning the engraving, and it gives more stability. You can also avoid cutting the holes on one side for a better look.

Download the Wargame Laser Cut Terrain Bridges for 15mm and 28mm attached files and give them a try (Files in Adobe Illustrator, Corel Draw and Adobe Reader formats). Let me know how they work for you and what modifications should be made. If you happen to make modifications of your own, please share with me. I would like to cut a copy as well. And feel free to come back later to see if I have been able to do newer designs filed with the Wargame Terrain tag.