Wargame Laser Cut Terrain :: Colonial House

Laser Cut Wargame Terrain House
I have seen a few Wargame Laser Cut Terrain pieces in several websites.  It makes sense.  You can buy a laser cutter for less than $3k.  Some people are even using Kickstarter to mass produce and sell their own creative ideas.  I have seen Tectonic Craft at many conventions and they are impressive.  Store bought laser cut terrain is not cheap however – it almost approaches the same price as some of the Battlefield In A Box plastic molded and fully painted models.

Problem I have found is that if you want to cut your own Wargame Laser Cut Terrain, you have to start from scratch.  It has been very difficult to find the designs and patterns to build something similar to what others have built. Most people who build these kind of terrain sell their built pieces, probably in an effort to recoup the cost of the laser cutter itself.  That means I got to design my own if I want to cut them, and knowing how much effort it is, I will be sharing them with you for free, under a Creative Commons license.  Hopefully you will be able to improve on them and share back the design with me.

I play Flames of War, and a farm or city house is almost a standard feature in any battle.  Also, you can use multiple of them, so that cutting the same design a few times will fill a good portion of the wargame table quickly.  That sounds like a good place to start.  With some experience I may be able to produce something nice and worthy of showing off.  At this time I can show you what I have as a “prototype” – feel free to provide feedback and help me improve version 2.0 of the house design.

I set myself some requirements:

  • Must have 2 floors.  But must be usable with only one floor as well (convertible from colonial to ranch).
  • Floors must be detachable, so that we can put units inside on each floor.  2 to 4 Flames of War teams on each floor for up to about 2 medium sized bases and two small ones.
  • Must be able to print in a single 8″ x 12″ piece of 1/8″ wide baltic birch plywood.  That is a very popular material I use on my laser cutter and will limit my costs and material waste.
  • Must fit in a small zip lock bag – I like to give tokens of appreciation to gaming partners at conventions and other gaming events, and this may be one of those things I give out.
  • Must be simple to build with simple tools (glue).  I have no plans to write instructions, and don’t want instructions to be needed to build these houses.
  • Versatile positioning.  Must be able to use as a standalone house or as row-houses in a city (by changing the position of the door on the drawing).  I designed it twice as long as wide to allow for this.
  • Must fit a 15mm terrain, but should not look that bad if I have to use it in a 28mm skirmish game.  Decided to size each floor 28mm.

Download the 15mm Wargame Terrain Houses Pattern attached files and give them a try.  Let me know how they work for you and what modifications should be made.  If you happen to make modifications of your own, please share with me.  I would like to cut a copy as well.  And feel free to come back later to see if I have been able to do newer designs filed with the Wargame Terrain tag.


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