Board Game Night – Sudbury – Tue Feb 12 2013

Thanks RandyJasonJohn and David for joining us to play games at my place yesterday Tuesday Feb 12th 2013 for a Board Game Night – Sudbury, MA.

We played a long but fun game of one of the greatest Worker Placement game expressions:Agricola. It is a game I love, but I do recognize it is an acquired taste. Said that, I have never seen someone that isn’t converted into loving the game after a couple of games. Then Jasonjoked about starting a game of Eclipse, but we decided to learn to play Eminent Domain – a definitively shorter game. The game started a bit slow during the first few rounds but later on proved be a nice variant on the Deck Building game. It added the concept of taking actions on other’s turns and on trying to plan what cards to keep or discard depending on what you thin the other player’s strategy is.

I think John is looking for someone to teach us how to play The Castles of Burgundy, and bothRandy and Jason are excited about a couple of games they are expecting from Kickstarter.

See you at the next regularly scheduled game night Feb 26, at TotalCon or at any other gaming event that we can find between now and then.

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