Sudbury Board Games Group

I am very pleased to have found very nice people to have a Board Game night around Sudbury, MA.  Yesterday night (February 06, 2013) a very fun event right here at my house from 7pm until around 11pm.  Group consisted of old and great friends, people have recently met at game events through Unity Games and completely new friends from the same internet group.  They called in from Sudbury, Acton, Maynard, Marlborough, Worcester, and Leomister, MA.  Everyone a pleasure to game with.  The idea of a Sudbury Board Games Group is becoming a very nice reality.

We played games of light to medium density, as appropriate for a group that is being formed.   It was all in a very casual environment.  Full of fun.

Games we played:

  • 7 Wonders x 2 – A very popular drafting card game that worked very well to get many people playing the same game at once (it plays 7 people very well).
  • Ratus – Back plague in medieval euope.  The goal is to get as most of your guys alive at the end of the game while trying to push the plague towards your game opponents.
  • Android: Netrunner – Hacker vs corporation themed card game.
  • Alien Frontiers – Dice placement game.  Very clever implementation.  One of the first successful and fun Kickstarter games.
  • Guillotine – Collect the most valuable noble heads during the French Revolution while sending the lowest value ones towards your opponents.
  • A game prototype by Chip from Flying Chip game design.  A very clever game of guessing the  expected words by following a rhyme.  People seemed to be having a lot of fun with it, and he is playing it in Facebook as well.

Now that we are acquainted with everyone who attended we may be able to figure out future game events without having to drive too far (at least for many of us).  It seems that for the time being we may repeat this again on February 12th 2013 and every couple of weeks or so thereafter.  Maybe more frequent if people help host the events on the alternate weeks.

If you live in the area feel free to drop me a note.  Will be great to play a game with you.  If you are not from the area, think about joining or starting a game group in your vicinity.  Some tips and lessons learned from this event.

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