Where to Find a List of Game Conventions and 2013 Convention Schedule

So far, the best list of game conventions I have found is on Game Convention Central.  It seems to cover the New England region (where I live) pretty well, and it seems to be updated fairly frequently.  In the past I have also used Geek Cal to find conventions, although that site caters to a wider audience of geeks rather than the ones specialized on board games.

If you are curious about what conventions I am going to be on this year, I try listing them below:

I intentionally ignored this year the huge conventions like Pax East or Board Game Geek conventions.  I guess I like the small to medium sized ones where there is more focus on playing a good game, catching up with old gaming friends, and less on the event marketing itself.

I am still trying to find a good way to organize the events at local gaming stores and clubs in a way that is easy to pick what to do on a particular weekend of the year.