Unity Games 19 – Danvers, MA – January 26, 2013

Name / Link: Unity Games 19
Message Board / Yahoo Group
 Location: Doubletree Hotel, Danvers, MA, USA
Date: January 26, 2013
Size: ~ 700
Genres: Board Games
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Unity Games 19 Convention Summary

Single day (9am to midnight) exclusively board game convention.  The format is simple:  they rent a huge hotel ballroom and people are welcome to put the games they are willing to let others play with on the tables near the walls.  Grab a game, look for players in the middle-of-the-room staging area, and go and play it.  Return the game just as you found it.  Have fun all day.

I love this kind of convention for its uncomplicated approach.  It has enough people to make sure you will find your kind of game without being overwhelming or inhuman.  I would rather have more of these one day conventions than just a few of the longer duration larger crowd ones.  I loved this one as much as I did the previous one.

Got to play:

Other events of note:

  • Got to play games with my brother (that is always worth it).
  • Met a few people either at the event or as a result of the event that I may be playing with in the local area in the future.
  • Got three UNO card sets for my kids that someone was getting rid of.

My specific ratings and opinions about the convention after the break.

The Gamer Crowd (A)

Unity games joins together several well established gaming groups in the area.  As a result, people know each other or at least have seen each other in other nearby gaming events.  That makes for a very well behaved crowd.  A pleasure playing with anyone there.

The Games (A)

It is simply uncomplicated.  People bring games you play with games.  There is a teaching area that some people staff, although it is not the center of attention of the convention.  The fact that you are expected to either start a game table or join a game table makes the convention flow well.  The added fact that you know you only have one day helps you fit more games into the same time.

The Logistics (B)

Some logistics details:

  • Good value ($12.50 if you pre-register / $20 at the door – can’t be beaten – when combined with the luxury hotel at a very discounted price it was a steal!).  You pay via paypal but you don’t get a very comforting confirmation (other than the paypal one).
  • The main method of communications is a mailing list in a yahoo group.  I subscribe to it.  You should too – you do not want to miss the event if you don’t pay attention to the mailing list.

The Facilities (A+)

Great hotel for great price, location.  There is a water park right at the hotel if you bring non-gaming family / friends or if you want to stay Sunday to add variety.

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