Templecon Flames of War Preparation

Flames of War M4A3E2 Jumbo Sherman I am preparing for the Templecon Flames of War Tank Aces tournament that I will be participating in.  I would have loved to do the whole weekend to be able to participate on the 2 day event, but I will be doing a Super Bowl event that Sunday (too bad the Patriots aren’t going) and the Templecon organizers decided to schedule the premier miniature battles event in New England right on the Super Bowl weekend.  I guess I may get to sneak a few games in my game room (that just happens to be behind the big screen TV home theater). Battlefront will be hosting two Flames of War events at Templecon 2013:

Things done to prepare for Templecon:

  • Lists based on Blood, Guts and Glory book – more versatility.  500pts List, 700pts List, 900pts. List.
  • Practice tournament at The Whiz in Westborough, MA (they played the 1700pts game, but it is still 3 good games of practice).  My practice list linked.
  • Laser Cut some Flames of War Objective Markers that I plan to give away to my five opponents as a souvenir.  See a picture below.  Download templates to create your own objective markers (Corel, Adobe Illustrator, PDF).
Templecon Flames of War Objective Markers

Details on what was learned in the Flames of War tournament at The Whiz after the break.

Flames of War Tournament at The Whiz

Three games at the same point level as Templecon’s 1700pts.  8 players.  Unfortunately I didn’t fared very well against the veterans players that are going to Templecon, but learned a lot.  Also got a sportsmanship award gift certificate that I used to buy a portion of the tank destroyer platoon I will build shortly and the warrior model(s) for Abraham’s tanks.  Mark won the tournament – very good and experienced player.

Participant’s Armies

Below you will see a few pictures of the armies we found on this event.  It seems Americans were very common on the event and they seem to be in other events as well.  Need to get my Germans together some day.


Game 1 – Jerry’s German Tigers vs Jose’s 7th Division Tank Company

A game against German Tigers.  These things are difficult to kill.  I think my strategy was good, but poorly executed.  Mission started by deployment from the short ends of the table.  Objectives placed on the defender’s side.  Defender had reserves, and I was lucky enough that he didn’t got the delayed reserves on turn three.  Had I advanced a bit faster, I think I had a good winning chance.  Still, I only lost one platoon (and although he technically didn’t lost a platoon, his artillery group was down to the staff team).

Looking from my short table side, I saw him deploying his artillery guarding the objective to the rear (the one he placed), and a tiger and infantry platoon guarding the one I placed on the middle – left.  I deployed two tank platoons on the left, and one on the right.  Infantry was advancing kind of in the middle.

Overall, my tanks on the left were shredded by his tiger and his 2nd ambushing tiger tank.  The infantry didn’t killed enough of his infantry to claim the objective.  The third tank platoon on the right did made the right move – and could have won the game easily – had it been more aggressive by deploying closer to the deployment line and had done another of the movements at the double.  That platoon was able to catch up with the artillery and shred them, while being in relative cover from the tigers due to a forest and due to the fact the tigers were entertained with the other tanks.  Why he didn’t sprung the ambush to stop them, I don’t know – maybe fearing I would have rushed to flank him either way.

Some pictures of the battle below





Game 2 – Mark’s Panthers A vs Jose’s 7th Division Tank Company

This was the game where I learned to smoke!  (Fire smoke shells, that is).  I think that in general terms I played a good strategy.  Objectives on either long end of his side, and one objective on my left long side, close to the back border.  The defending company (Mark’s) deployed with his Panther As on the left, and his Panzers IV on the right (seen from my side of the table).  Command teams were accompanying the Panthers.  I went for an all in by sending two tank platoons on the left, and my command team down through the center.

The command team used some buildings as cover to rush (double) and close into his Panthers.  It did exactly what I wanted – to draw his attention to them and rush in with some of the Panthers and all of the Panzers.  Building cover and the jumbo armor covered them very well, giving the two tank platoons time to maneuver around to close into his command team and blow it in a couple of turns.  The Panther A tanks, however, would prove to be almost as difficult as a tiger to kill.

I learned something good against Panthers.  If you can’t kill them, smoke them while you approach them.  It may delay their damage enough to sneak behind them – or at least delay it enough to be able to take care of other supporting platoons.

I think I made a major mistake by not rushing the Sherman through some hedgerows faster.  Granted, many would probably have bogged down, and would certainly have lost cover from them.  But the benefit would have been to achieve the objective earlier.  The Shermans were, indeed, capable of sneaking in behind the Panthers and kill enough to force a motivation check.  Without a company commander to help, that would have granted the objective.  He passed it.  Had I jumped over the hedgerows sooner, I think I would have had another turn to finish off the Panthers.  Other minor mistakes were to bring the infantry too soon to defend the objective (should have brought the third tank platoon to support the already intense offensive).

Some pictures of the battle:


Game 3 – Nick’s Americans vs Jose’s 7th Division Tank Company

I played this particular game terribly.  Maybe I was already tired or discouraged.  I did set myself to be bogged down too easily and I didn’t defended the objectives on my side of the table.  I tried to do an all in attack like the previous turns not counting that I wasn’t really on the offensive (certainly not able to take the first turn makes a difference).  I have to remember that infantry exists for a reason.  I also faced the aircraft for the first time.  Not a pretty sight when combined with two american artillery batteries – I will try the double artillery battery trick myself some day.

I did started the game well by reducing some of his infantry watching one of the objectives.  And it is a toss up if I should have concentrated the remaining fire on the same platoon or on the offending artillery that was watching the other objective.  Either way, not concentrating my fire on only one objective also hurted me dearly – I may have even recovered from my mistake of not defending the objectives on my side of the table had I concentrated my fire on what mattered.

In the end he was able to capture the objective with a recon platoon that rushed through the side. I have to try recon platoons myself some day – maybe combined with tank destroyers.

Some pictures below: