Dice Tower Podcast Season 9 Kickstarter

I am now a proud supporter of the Dice Tower Podcast Season 9 Kickstarter.  There are two gaming community sites I like to support:

Both provide an enormous amount of quality information.  Both help us filter the best games in the industry and increase the enjoyment of the gaming moments we can get from our lives.  A dollar spent on them translates into increased value from our gaming time and that is the main purpose of this site and of our gaming efforts:  to get the best possible experience from our scarce game time.  Go ahead and help them out.

The reward level I chose was the Dinner with Tom and Eric at Total Con 2013.  I already have got a few dinners and plenty of games with the Dice Tower Hosts thanks to my friend the Ice Cream Man (aka “Ura”) who at times have made me feel as if I was a groupie of the Dice Tower podcast (by making me follow them to many of the conventions they attend).  I can remember two epic Merchant of Venus games at the Board Game Geek Con with Eric and a few Cash and Guns games with both.

However, I plan to take the opportunity of this kickstarter reward to ask a handful of direct questions during the dinner, for as long as I have their attention.  Don’t want to make it an interview, just casual dinner conversation – but in an insightful way.  What questions should I bring into the dinner conversation with the hosts of the Dice Tower network on the dinner?  Some come to my mind, but please feel free to suggest a few yourself:

  • Now that Merchant of Venus is released, what is the next game you want to see re-published?
  • What genre is under-represented in the gaming industry?
  • What is the next big project for the Dice Tower?
  • Any chance of doing more than one Dice Tower Convention a year?  (Now that Tom has taken his Dice Tower duties full time)?
  • What would make you happier (take you away) from hosting the Dice Tower?

I have always dreamed of having a dinner with Warren Buffett, Jack Welch, Carlos Slim, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg and the late Steve Jobs.  In the meantime, Tom and Eric will have to do.

The kind of questions I would like the answer tend to be forward looking.  Then again, I suspect that there are many present-looking questions that can improve the gaming experience.  Any ideas?  This time I will try to propose a few more, keeping the “now” time-frame in mind:

  • How do you choose what conventions you attend?  (Assumes limited time / resources.)
  • How do you describe your favorite event at a game convention?
  • What conventions I should NOT attend?
  • What part of your current Dice Tower duties you dislike the most?
  • What part of your current Dice Tower duties provide the most value to you?

Eric and Tom have other dinner events in the other conventions they are attending.  Grab one of those kickstarter rewards and let me know how it went.  Or at a minimum, contribute a bit to them.  They have cool dice and dice towers.  Go ahead and help them out.