Carnage Noir :: Convention Experience Summary – Fairlee, VT

Name / Link: Carnage Noir
Location: Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT
Date: November 2-4, 2012
Size: < 500
Genres: Board Games, Miniatures Wargaming, RPG, LARP
Next Year Info: Carnage at the Mountain, Killington, VTNovember 8-10, 2013.


The Games (B)

This is a multi-genere convention, and I think that is what is the strong point of the convention: variety and casualness.  Saw people playing Board Games, Wargames, RPG and LARP.  I was mostly interested in the two tournaments I participated on (Flames of War Tournament and Warhammer Tournament), but all in all these were but minor events for the convention as a whole.

Some highlights of my experience:

  • Got to learn and play A Game of Thrones – a game as unforgiving as the TV Series themselves.  It doesn’t pay to play nice in the game either.  I did enjoyed the multiple levels of strategy within the game and will be very happy to play it again.  It is a medium length game – will take a full gaming night (3 hrs) to complete with 5-6 players.
  • Played Car Wars again, after almost 20 years of not playing – Played a hybrid / adapted version of Car Wars (somewhere between versions 3 and 5).  I am really hoping Steve Jackson works on the new version, as the fifth was half baked and not done with their whole attention into it.  Killer Cart tend to explode when crashed into your opponent – ’nuff said.
  • Any Weekend I can do two Wargame Tournaments is a Great Weekend.  More details on their respective postings: Flames of War Tournament and Warhammer Tournament.
  • I have to give that Playmobil wargame a try – it seems cool!
  • They had very well done and creative Wargaming Events, including a 3D representation of Star Wars X-Wings vs TIE fighters.  And I have to try that Firestorm Armada game some day – although I am afraid I could be dragged into yet another painting marathon.

Logistics (B)

There was a good set of scheduled events that I pre-registered for.  The process was easy although pre-historic (via mail-in form without any kind of confirmation e-mail).  A confirmation e-mail would have made me happier, although an on-line editing feature would have been superb.  I have thought about building convention event running software some day just out of pitty for the way these people organize the conventions.

Facilities (C)

I am happy they are moving the convention to the Killington, VT area next year.  The Fairlee, VT area is kind of sparsely populated and the available services are limited.  The hotel didn’t had an operating restaurant, just a sandwich and pizza concession stand – anything more than that and you had to go to the small town next to the resort.  There are a couple of restaurants in town and a Subway fast food and two gas pumps.

The resort itself seems to be a golf resort.  Due to the season  I doubt that bringing the family would have been a good idea.  Although the lake is beautiful I didn’t saw anyone enjoying it and I do not think if people normally do canoeing on it.  I think the convention date was on purpose, as it made use of the resort’s downtime.

They did had space to accommodate four game store dealers and had an interesting variety of stuff – although I rarely buy at these dealers due to their high margins compared to other providers.  (I do buy at game stores, but it is mostly in lieu of them offering me their gaming tables for free).  The inventory for sale wasn’t seen too much movement, as far as I can tell and I wonder if these dealers do the convention sale for the fun of running a little shop or they actually live out of it.