Carnage Noir :: Warhammer Tournament :: Battle Report :: Game 3

Event Name Carnage Noir :: Warhammer Tournament ::  Game 3Orcs & Goblins vs. EmpireJose (me) vs. Daniel
Location: Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT
Date: November 4 2012
Size: 8, 2200 pts.
Status / Who Won: Orcs & Goblins (Jose)

A battle report of game against a very elite army of the Empire with Daniel at the Carnage Noir convention in Lake Morey Resort, Fairlee, VT on November 4 2012.  This was the 2nd game, and I lost the first game against Tony and the second against George.  I have never faced the Empire before, and I made the mistake of fearing those Knights more than the cannons.  The scenario is fairly pitched battle.  In this kind of swiss pairing, if you have lost the first two games of the tournament, it is likely you will end up playing another beginner at the third game.  Daniel and I are fairly new to the game and I think that helped me win.  Also, everyone is tired at the last game of the tournament and I think he forgot a few things that could have helped him, such as using his Dispel Scroll to delay my army by blocking Hand of Gork.  Getting both, the deployment side choice and the first turn also helped me tremendously.

This is the first battle report I am writing and I am trying Battle Chronicler.  I can also keep in mind my own advice and try to do the tips suggested on my previous article on taking Wargame Photos.

Lessons Learned

  • Empire Cannons are Deadly.  Need to find ways to protect myself.  Using Hand of Gork to reach the enemy faster than they can reach me did helped considerably.  Trying to use War Machines to blow up their War Machines was a good strategy but it failed to connect. I would rather kill those cannons than try to land a stone on top of a unit that was not going to pursue me anyways.
  • Slanted Deployment to Match Terrain – It may give your opponent a hint of what you are about to do, but it works.  Also, it helps you protect your flanks.
  • Trolls can hold their ground.  If you can overcome their stupidity just enough to get them into combat.  They also move fast.
  • Level 4 Magic Caster is a Must.  It showed this tournament.  My magic phase was better on the 3 rounds.  The Empire magic phase was almost irrelevant due to my ability to dispel (the real benefit of the level 4).


Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament at Carnage Con :: Game 3 :: Deployment

I deployed with these considerations:

  • Slanted heavy hitters – Savage Orcs and Black Orcs deployed slanted.  I was hoping the houses in the middle protect the flanks for at least a portion of the battle.
  • Point Trolls and Savage Orcs to the left – I thought (incorrectly) that the worst I would face were the knights at the left.  Yet, was good strategy as they were the highest cost unit and there was extra points for killing it.
  • Warmachines on Hill – That part was good.  The way they were protected was not good.  I had a wolf riders and the little shammy bunker to protect them.  Good thing the game didn’t lasted long, or it would have been a very costly engagement in that area.  Better replace those two puny bunkers for a longer one.
I think he deployed with the following considerations in mind:
  • Try to flank the savages – I think he wanted to flank the savages.  At a minimum he wanted to hit them with his heaviest hitter.  I think his error was not supporting his heaviest hitter (if I were him, I would have placed the pistoliers closer to the savages to hit the savages with two stronger units (even if it was just the extra shots from the pistoliers).
  • War Machines with access to everything.  This he accomplished and accomplished very well.  Too well.  I almost lost the black orcs.
  • Monster Killing Scouts to shoot at Trolls.

Turn One :: Orcs and Goblins

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament at Carnage Con :: Game 2 :: Turn 1 :: Orcs & Goblins :: Battle Chronicler
He was right in deploying monster killing scouts near the Trolls.  He was wrong in setting them so close to the trolls themselves who just annihilated the scouts by charging them on Turn 1.  Trolls were so good in this game that I am thinking about using them in a 4×2 formation or even a 3×3 formation.

On the magic phase I was able to rush the Black Orcs to his lines by using Hand of Gork and having the advantage of a stronger (level 4 vs level 2 magic user).  This turned out to be not as good as I expected:  The black orcs became the target of most of his cannons and shooters attention.

None of my shooters caused any damage.  My warmachines failed to connect – one of them being destroyed on turn 1.

BSB stayed behind due to animosity.  Suddenly my army leadership challenged army was in peril due to lack of a BSB.

Turn One :: Empire

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament at Carnage Con :: Game 3 :: Battle Chronicler

His cannons halved the strenght of my Black Orcs.  They had to take a leadership test, which passed.  But it was close, as the BSB was so far behind it would not have been able to help.

The pistolers are quite effective, but his shooting roll was not lucky and my very weak right flank survived.

Turn Two :: Orcs & Goblins

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament at Carnage Con :: Game 3 :: Battle Chronicler

Trolls charge the Knights and are effective enough to tie on combat resolution.  An extra rank or an extra row of attacks would have made a big difference.  It could have given me the game on Turn 2.  The black orcs eliminate those pesky guys with Muskets / Rifles easily and reform to face his line’s flank.

Turn Two :: Empire

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament at Carnage Con :: Game 3 :: Battle Chronicler

His footmen counter attack the trolls and they hold for the most part, but are starting to feel decimated.  Combat resolution ties.  Again, I feel like two or three extra trolls would have made a big difference.

The Black Orcs get their barrage from the Xbows and cannon.  They flee and get decimated to 2 models.

Turn Three:: Orcs & Goblins

Warhammer Fantasy Battles Tournament at Carnage Con :: Game 3 :: Battle Chronicler

Savage Orcs finally catch up with the footmen that are involved in all of that mess with the Trolls and the Knights.  Combat runs its course and Savage Orcs eliminate the Footmen to the last man.  Knights run and are catched by the Trolls.

Black Orcs rally and now eliminate one of the cannons.

Although we could have continued the game just to see how the battle evolved, it was very possible that the savages could now could clean up the board from left to right (considering he was out of magic and a few more Gazes of Gork, Hands of Gork and Foot of Gork would have accelerated his army’s demise).  We shook hands and left the game at that.  Had I won any other games in the tournament I would have continued to wipe out his army and get more tournament points, but knowing that neither of us could win the tournament made that a moot point.


Was a very fun game with someone at about my own level of skill.  It allows to learn from both of our mistakes at a pace that matches experience.  Hand of Gork was key (or the Black Orcs would have never reached).  And the BSB left behind was a great liability.  Those puny Night Goblin units of 20 were pretty much useless the whole game and another huge liability considering their purpose was to be a bunker.