Laser Cut Warhammer Template :: Carnage Noir

In this post you will find PDF and Adobe Illustrator files that can be used to create your own Laser Cut Warhammer Templates.  I created them so that people could put custom logos or designs on them.  In particular, I am planning to laser cut some of them for special events such as a Warhammer Tournament.  You may also find Laser Cut templates for other game systems such as the Laser Cut Template for Flames of War.

I prepared these templates for the Carnage Noir convention happening this weekend (November 2-4 2012) in Vermont.  Will let you know how it goes.  The preparation is certainly half the fun.  You can find more details about the Orcs & Goblins army list and models I will be playing on its own article.  The templates took some time to create and get used to the optimal ways of cutting them.  I am hoping that it becomes a lot easier for future game events.

Purpose of the Laser Cut Warhammer Template

  • To distribute, freely.  Most likely to each of my 3 game partners in the tournament as a token of appreciation.
  • A kind of calling card.  Hopefully it helps in keeping in touch with potential game partners.  Some of the templates have the address on them.
  • A repeatable Laser Cut project.  I am a true believer in design s that are continuously improved by the community.  The templates are available freely for non-commercial use.  Hopefully someone can re-use them and make them better.  Show me pictures or files of what you come up with.

Let me know what you think of the idea.  Is it a good idea?  Do you think people may actually appreciate an extra template that is both useful and a memento of a game event?  What other things you think could be both useful and mementos for a war gamer?

Pictures of the Laser Cut Warhammer Template


How do I get Them?

At this point I have no intention to produce them for sale. You can use the files to cut on your own laser cutter device or you can use the services of Shapeways or Ponoko or many of the other laser cutting and 3D printing shops online.  However, I am always looking for creative stuff.  I would be happy to trade a set with you in exchange for something of creative value:  maybe a piece of terrain that you make, or some hand painted minis.