Unity Games XVIII Board Game Convention – Woburn, MA

Name / Link: Unity Games XVIII
( Yahoo Group )
Location: Woburn Hilton, Woburn, MA
Date: February 4, 2012
Size: ~500
Genres: Board Games
Next Year Info: Unity Games 19
9 AM to Midnight
Saturday January 26,
2013 in Danvers, MA.

Unity Games is a board game convention in a format that I really like.  Normally the organizers rent out a hotel or other gaming venue and set up a huge gaming area (think of a triple ballroom) with tables all around filled with board games people bring for the rest of the participants to enjoy and plenty of tables in the middle where you can sit down with a few friends or newly made acquaintances to play such games.  It is very casual, you just walk around the room looking for a game that is about to start and ask if they have space for one extra player.  Even better yet, grab a game from the ones available at the tables on the periphery of the room and stand in the middle of the gaming area – soon enough you will be approached by some other players that would like to play it and you will be rolling the dice in no time.

The fact that only lasts a day may or may not be disappointing   I actually like the idea – it is so fast paced (with you playing one game after the other) that after a 9am to midnight event you probably want some rest.

This was the first year I went to it, but it will not be the last one.  My brother joined me for the last half of the day – which made it extremely enjoyable as we got to try a few new board games.

Most importantly, they keep the gamers of eastern massachusetts united through the year with a Yahoo Group.  Subsribe to it and you will always be in the know about the local conventions and events.  For me it is one of the can’t miss events of the year.

They tentatively announced next years date, at the end of January.  Hope to see you there next year.

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