Geek Chic Table Review :: 3 Piece Fabric Insert

On Tuesday (10/22/2012) we got our last piece for the Geek Chic 3 piece table insert project.  Took a while for them to build it right, but we are very satisfied now.  This complements both the Vizier and Emissary tables very well, extending beyond the original happiness expressed in the Geek Chic Table Review.  This insert will be used mainly in the Vizier table that makes for the centerpiece of The Ultimate Game Room.

My son loves the insert on his Geek Chic Hoplite 2’x3′ gaming table (example on Hoplite PDF attached), but for the larger 7’x4′ tables, a full size insert was not very practical (due to storage and assembly reasons).  The Geek Chic guys were nice enough to design a 3 part insert that fits perfectly and serves as a great velvet / poker-table-like surface suitable for many kinds of board games, while still keeping food and beverages outside of the main playing area on its own counter holders, cupholders and personal tables/desks.  I certainly hope that these guys sell more of these inserts as they greatly increase the value of the table.  The original acrylic playing surface is great for role playing games or even light miniature games were you need to keep maps and diagrams or even use the surface as a layered white board.  It is not, however, inviting to board games  as pieces tend to slice easily and the maps you may keep below the acrylic surface can be distracting to the game.